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‘Dispute Finder’ web tool gives two sides of a story

Posted on 19 Jun 2009 in Journalism

It’s not always easy to spot contentious statements online, but a new web browser add-on could help give a more balanced view. Read...

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Computer-generated sound effects make a splash

Posted on 9 Jun 2009 in Journalism

The sound effects for computer-generated movies are still recorded from real life, but modelling the physics of the real world could...

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Instant sex change served up by video software

Posted on 1 Jun 2009 in Journalism

Video conferences could become more interesting with software that can instantly alter a person’s sex or race. Read more…...

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Personalised maps show the view from the street

Posted on 19 Aug 2008 in Journalism

Software that generates personalised maps showing only relevant information could make disorientation a thing of the past. Read...

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How to ensure animated clones get lost in the crowd

Posted on 15 Aug 2008 in Journalism

A new study has identified tricks that can prevent a cloned character in a crowd sticking out like a sore thumb. Read more…...

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