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Robot body language helps humans

Posted on 22 Mar 2009 in Journalism

A robot that subtly indicates objects with its eyes demonstrates how non-verbal cues can boost communication between man and machine. Read...

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Chaos filter helps robots make sense of the world

Posted on 24 Feb 2009 in Journalism

Real environments confuse some robots, but viewing the world more like a human is giving them a boost. Read more…...

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Tests that show machines closing in on human abilities

Posted on 22 Jan 2009 in Journalism

The classic Turing test to reveal human-like thought in a machine has been updated with many new twists. Read more…...

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Hairy subs could feel their way through turbulence

Posted on 4 Nov 2008 in Journalism

Could fish hair be the key to improving robotic submarine manoeuvrability?. Read more…...

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Radar helmet could steer rescuers through smoke

Posted on 7 Oct 2008 in Journalism

Rescue workers must sometimes navigate smoke-filled buildings. Helmets packed with sensors designed to give robots a sense of direction...

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