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Robots learn to read the writing on the wall

Posted on 29 Nov 2010 in Journalism, Robots, Technology

New Scientist Image: Photocapy Ingmar Posner wants to develop robots that can see through walls. Not by equipping them with X-ray specs or...

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Robots on TV: AI goes back to baby basics

Posted on 22 Sep 2010 in Artificial Intelligence, Journalism, Robots, Technology

A new project aims to explore cognitive theory – and advance artificial intelligence – by modelling a robot on the behaviour of a toddler....

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Robots on TV: Domestic bot plans its way to the kettle

Posted on 20 Sep 2010 in Journalism, Robots, Technology

Robots can perform a range of home duties when asked – here is one that can show some initiative too. Read more… Image: Garrettc...

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Shape-shifting robot compensates for damaged limb

Posted on 1 Sep 2010 in Evolution, Journalism, Robots, Technology

Think that shape-shifting robots, or ones that march on no matter how many limbs they lose, are just for Terminator films? Think again. A team of European roboticists have developed software that allows a modular robot to adapt when one part stops working. Image: EPFL

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Innovation: Teaching robots some manners

Posted on 17 May 2010 in Journalism

Robots that interact with people should stop always putting efficiency first and learn that with humans a little courtesy goes a long...

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