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Plastic-munching bugs turn waste bottles into cash

Posted on 19 Sep 2008 in Journalism

Plastic bottles, normally consigned to landfill, could be digested into a more valuable material that is also biodegradable. Read...

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Plastics unite to make unexpected ‘metal’

Posted on 15 Jun 2008 in Journalism

Jamming the right two pieces of plastic together creates a thin but strongly conducting channel along the junction that acts like a...

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Plastic bottles pose health risk if boiled

Posted on 31 Jan 2008 in Journalism

Could sterilising plastic bottles in hot water do more harm than good? Plastic bottles release up to 55 times more bisphenol after washing...

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Plastics chemical is harmful, says expert panel

Posted on 11 Aug 2007 in Health, Journalism

New Scientist Image: nist6ss Just how dangerous is bisphenol A, a chemical found in plastic containers and drinking bottles? Six months...

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