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Oceans swallowed 13 million tonnes of plastic in 2010

Posted on 12 Feb 2015 in Environment, Journalism, Technology

Vast floating islands of plastic are just a drop in the ocean compared with what’s lurking deeper down. Between 5 and 13 million tonnes of plastic debris entered the marine environment in 2010 – and most of it is under water. What’s more, without improvements in the way we manage waste, it could be 10 times as much each year by 2025. Image: AbyssWriter

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Strung-out plastic performs heat feat

Posted on 14 Mar 2010 in Journalism

Nanoscale polyethylene fibres conduct heat better than pure iron – good news for circuit board designers. Read more…...

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Smart mud could be the new plastic

Posted on 20 Jan 2010 in Journalism

A mixture of clay and water produces a strong self-healing hydrogel that could help wean the world off oil. Read more… Image: Takuzo...

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Recycled plastics giving criminals a break

Posted on 6 Apr 2009 in Journalism

The mixed bag of recycled polymers found in many recycled plastic products means crime teams’ fingerprinting techniques no longer...

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Artificial cartilage could outperform the real thing

Posted on 1 Apr 2009 in Journalism

Synthetic bone joints could work more smoothly at higher pressures than the natural joints they replace, thanks to nano-sized plastic...

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