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Carbon nanotubes create underwater sonar speakers

Posted on 13 Jun 2010 in Journalism

Speakers made from sheets of nanotubes offer a lightweight alternative to conventional sonar. Read more…...

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Nanotube transistors shrink smaller than silicon size

Posted on 15 Jan 2010 in Journalism

The creation of transistors out of carbon nanotubes could help maintain the growth in computing power that we have come to expect. Read...

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Plastic bags recycled into nanotubes

Posted on 11 Dec 2009 in Journalism

Waste polyethylene from shopping bags and other sources can easily be converted into carbon nanotubes suitable for use in batteries. Read...

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A sprinkling of nanotubes makes plants shoot up

Posted on 4 Oct 2009 in Journalism

Adding carbon nanotubes to synthetic soil makes tomato seeds sprout sooner and the seedlings grow faster. Read more…...

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World’s tiniest lamp spans quantum and classical physics

Posted on 1 May 2009 in Journalism

A new incandescent light with a carbon nanotube filament could explore incompatibilities between thermodynamics and quantum...

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