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Light-amplifying resin boosts invisibility cloaks

Posted on 5 Aug 2010 in Invisibility, Journalism, Physics

Metamaterials that act as invisibility cloaks give the game away by absorbing too much light – a light-amplifying resin may provide a...

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Latex could silence noisy neighbours

Posted on 22 Feb 2010 in Journalism

Thumping bass sounds are notoriously difficult to block, but they’re no match for soundproofing panels just 15 millimetres...

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‘Invisibility cloak’ antennas could shrink cellphones

Posted on 21 Aug 2009 in Journalism

The metamaterials used to bend light and render small objects invisible in lab studies could make antennas for cellphones smaller. Read...

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Invisibility cloak could hide buildings from quakes

Posted on 26 Jun 2009 in Journalism

Borrowing from the physics of invisibility cloaks could make it possible to manipulate seismic waves and protect vulnerable buildings, say...

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Metamaterial marble would make perfect cat’s eye

Posted on 27 Nov 2008 in Journalism

Novel materials that have inspired a wave of physicists to design and even build invisibility “cloaks” could soon be used to...

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