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The secret to staying safe online

Posted on 13 Oct 2014 in Journalism, Technology

It’s impossible to be 100% secure online, but there are a few non-obvious tricks that anyone can use to be safer.

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Immortal signals promise perfect web video

Posted on 7 Sep 2010 in Journalism, Online, Technology

A technique to revitalise optical signals so that they never die could provide a route to faster internet connections. Read more…...

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Hackers give themselves away with malicious searches

Posted on 14 Jul 2010 in Journalism, Online, Technology

A new tool turns the tables on hackers by using the search queries they have conducted to find vulnerable websites. Read more…...

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Ad system that can spot an online shopper

Posted on 11 Jul 2010 in Journalism

Fed up of sponsored links cluttering up online searches? A new system promises to reduce frustration by only serving up ads to...

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Innovation: Shrewd search engines know what you want

Posted on 9 Jul 2010 in Journalism

The next generation of search engines will pay more attention to users to help everyone get what they’re after – except for computer...

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