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Sun-powered water splitter makes hydrogen tirelessly

Posted on 11 Feb 2010 in Journalism

Nanoscale dots can absorb sunlight and release hydrogen from water, without damage from bleaching. Read more… Image: Jack W...

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Crystal twins hint at hydrogen storage breakthrough

Posted on 4 Feb 2010 in Journalism

Two apparently identical compounds turn out to hold dramatically different quantities of hydrogen – hinting at a whole new class of...

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Cheap catalyst can make and break hydrogen

Posted on 7 Dec 2009 in Journalism

It could allow surplus energy from wind and solar farms to be stored as hydrogen and released it to the electricity grid when it’s...

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Methanol challenges hydrogen to be fuel of the future

Posted on 2 Jun 2009 in Journalism

The hydrogen economy remains an elusive dream, but a greener way to manufacture methanol is a reminder there are other options. Read...

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Existing gas power plants could pump out hydrogen

Posted on 12 May 2009 in Journalism

The lack of a cheap way to generate the gas in bulk is holding back the shift to a hydrogen-powered economy. Could retrofitting gas power...

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