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Robot body language helps humans

Posted on 22 Mar 2009 in Journalism

A robot that subtly indicates objects with its eyes demonstrates how non-verbal cues can boost communication between man and machine. Read...

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Chaos filter helps robots make sense of the world

Posted on 24 Feb 2009 in Journalism

Real environments confuse some robots, but viewing the world more like a human is giving them a boost. Read more…...

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Tests that show machines closing in on human abilities

Posted on 22 Jan 2009 in Journalism

The classic Turing test to reveal human-like thought in a machine has been updated with many new twists. Read more…...

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‘First European’ had a mountain retreat in Spain

Posted on 26 Mar 2008 in Evolution, Human Origins, Journalism

It’s being called “the first European” – rather a grand tag for a fragmentary jawbone and some worn teeth. Nevertheless, fossils have been unearthed in northern Spain that are 1.1 to 1.2 million years old and have been assigned to one of our hominin ancestors. Image: Nature

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New bones suggest ‘hobbits’ were modern pygmies

Posted on 11 Mar 2008 in Evolution, Human Origins, Journalism

The “hobbit” discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003 is thought by some to be a new species of human. Now researchers have discovered that a nearby island was overrun by diminutive humans as recently as 1400 years ago – but despite their size these people clearly belonged to our species. Image: Ryan Somma

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