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Ancient bee fossil reveals secrets of human ancestor’s habitat

Posted on 28 Sep 2016 in Human Origins, Journalism, Palaeontology

The skull of an ape-like Australopithecus found in 1924 and nicknamed the Taung Child revolutionised our view of human origins. It suggested humans evolved in Africa, not Eurasia as previously thought. No other hominin fossils have been found at the site since. But now a fossilised bee’s nest provides an insight into the local habitat in which that early human lived almost 3 million years ago – and hints that more fossils could be waiting to be discovered. Image: scead

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Frodo’s basement: Secret chamber found where hobbit humans lived

Posted on 29 Oct 2015 in Archaeology, Featured, Human Origins, Journalism

The diminutive human hobbits of Flores had a basement. And early signs hint at the tantalising possibility of more Homo floresiensis bones in this newly discovered chamber. Image: Bryn Pinzgauer

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New species of extinct human found in cave may rewrite history

Posted on 10 Sep 2015 in Featured, Human Origins, Journalism

For a century, palaeoanthropologists have generally learned to make do with slim pickings – part of a face here, a jawbone fragment there. Now, from the depths of a cave in South Africa, has come a monster cache of hominin bones from a previously unknown early species of our own genus, Homo. Image: John Hawks/Wits University

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CSI Stone Age: was 430,000-year-old hominin murdered?

Posted on 27 May 2015 in Archaeology, Featured, Human Origins, Journalism, Life

It’s the coldest of cold cases: a forensic analysis suggests that an ancient human who lived 430,000 years ago died as the result of a deliberate attack by a right-handed assailant armed with a spear or hand axe. The crime is the earliest evidence of human-on-human violence in the fossil record. Image: 2015 Sala et al.

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Real King Kong may have been brought down by fruit

Posted on 14 Jan 2014 in Evolution, Featured, Journalism, Life, Palaeontology

Nearly 80 years ago, Dutch anthropologist Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald discovered a giant human-like tooth in a drug store in Hong Kong, and named the animal it came from Gigantopithecus. Since then, thousands more large teeth and three jawbones have come to light – but why the largest known ape went extinct remains unclear. Image: Tim Evanson

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