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Speeding up fat metabolism may prevent diabetes

Posted on 13 Oct 2007 in Health, Journalism

Ramping up fat metabolism doesn’t just stop weight gain – it could also prevent type 2 diabetes. Previous studies had shown that mice engineered to lack an enzyme called ACC2 deposited less fat in their tissues, despite eating up to 40 per cent more than normal mice. Image: terriem

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Stem cells recruited to help cancers grow

Posted on 5 Oct 2007 in Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

Scientists have discovered a dark side to stem cells. The restorative properties that could make adult stem cells so useful in tissue repair may also help cancers to spread and grow. Image: TheJCB

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Plastics chemical is harmful, says expert panel

Posted on 11 Aug 2007 in Health, Journalism

New Scientist Image: nist6ss Just how dangerous is bisphenol A, a chemical found in plastic containers and drinking bottles? Six months...

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Chlamydia screening is not cost-effective

Posted on 7 Aug 2007 in Health, Journalism

New Scientist Image: kat m research Screening for the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia seems to make perfect sense. Most carriers of...

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