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Innovation: A clean start for green power

Posted on 5 Mar 2009 in Journalism

A reliance on toxic or rare and expensive materials means that much of today’s renewable energy technology may be a dead end but...

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Innovation: Technology to harness your power moves

Posted on 20 Feb 2009 in Journalism

Devices that generate power from movement can harness anything from a running hamster to typing fingers and a beating heart. Read...

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Why sustainable power is unsustainable

Posted on 6 Feb 2009 in Journalism

Renewable energy technologies are needed to safeguard our planet’s future from climate change but many rely on resources that have a...

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Bug enzyme generates fuel from water

Posted on 13 Jan 2009 in Journalism

Taken from a bacterium that feeds on sulphur, the enzyme could give the dream of a greener hydrogen economy much-needed momentum Read...

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Green fuel technologies pick up speed in 2008

Posted on 29 Dec 2008 in Journalism

As Obama prepares to green the US, we take a look at the new technologies that may help from super batteries to oil-cleaning fungi. Read...

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