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Money flows into green transport despite recession

Posted on 2 Jul 2009 in Journalism

Investment in green transport rose in the second quarter of 2009 bucking a six-month-long downward trend. Read more…...

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Methanol challenges hydrogen to be fuel of the future

Posted on 2 Jun 2009 in Journalism

The hydrogen economy remains an elusive dream, but a greener way to manufacture methanol is a reminder there are other options. Read...

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Sea ‘snake’ generates electricity with every wave

Posted on 7 May 2009 in Journalism

A flexible water-filled rubber tube that generates electricity from ocean waves could be producing cheap, clean energy within five...

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How our green technology may rest on bacterial skills

Posted on 25 Mar 2009 in Journalism

Harnessing the chemical abilities of bacteria could be crucial to the engineering of greener technologies to safeguard our future. Read...

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‘Hearts and minds’ approach needed in green tech drive

Posted on 20 Mar 2009 in Journalism

Technical advances to reduce our impact on the planet can only work if people’s mindsets are also taken into account, experts...

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