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Gamers teach search engines how to see

Posted on 13 May 2008 in Journalism

A new multiplayer website launching today could help “teach” computers to recognise images and music just like people...

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Computerised toothbrush makes oral hygiene a game

Posted on 4 Apr 2008 in Journalism

Here’s a novel way to encourage young children to brush up on their oral hygiene – turn a toothbrush into a simple version of a...

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Electrical activity isn’t the only way to read a gamer’s mind

Posted on 13 Mar 2008 in Journalism

EEG is just one form of brain-computer interface that the games industry is toying with. The other is optical topography. Read more…...

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‘Millionaire’ tests help kids learn

Posted on 1 Mar 2008 in Journalism

Replacing dry multiple-choice tests with quizzes akin to the hit TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire could help boost comprehension...

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