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Animated monsters ‘learn’ to walk from humans

Posted on 23 Apr 2010 in Journalism

An ‘artificial evolution’ approach to animation has taught virtual humans to walk – now monsters are beginning to...

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Sony demos game controller to track motion and emotion

Posted on 11 Nov 2009 in Journalism

Sony looks set to be the first major console maker to bring hands-free, full-body game control to the public. Read more…...

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Adaptive games promise high scores for everyone

Posted on 10 Oct 2009 in Journalism

A new breed of game aims to work out if a player is a fun junkie or a challenge-seeker, and adapt itself to please either. Read...

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Card counters’ days are numbered

Posted on 9 Oct 2009 in Journalism

A system that analyses blackjack hands and betting strategies claims to be able to spot card counters within 20 hands. Read more…...

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How to ensure animated clones get lost in the crowd

Posted on 15 Aug 2008 in Journalism

A new study has identified tricks that can prevent a cloned character in a crowd sticking out like a sore thumb. Read more…...

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