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Capacitors roll up for power on the nanoscale

Posted on 26 Jun 2010 in Journalism

Extra power can be packed onto limited semiconductor real estate thanks to nanoscale layers that roll themselves into a cylinder. Read...

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Nanotube transistor will help us bond with machines

Posted on 12 May 2010 in Journalism

A transistor controlled by a key biological chemical could pave the way for electronic devices plugged straight into the nervous...

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Is water the key to cheaper nanoelectronics?

Posted on 6 May 2010 in Journalism

The varying attraction of water to different materials could simplify the making of microscopic electronic components. Read more…...

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Sliding ink could boost speed of printed electronics

Posted on 16 Dec 2009 in Journalism

Dripping conductive ink down a microscopic bump can reduce leakage and may finally make it possible to fabricate transistors using...

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Synthetic cells get together to make electronics

Posted on 17 Jun 2009 in Journalism

Networking artificial protocells together suggests that artificial tissue could provide an interface between the human body and...

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