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Innovation: Only mind games will make us save power

Posted on 1 Apr 2010 in Journalism

Smart energy meters are being rushed into homes – but they need to be bundled with psychological smarts if we’re to change our...

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Will the anaconda or the oyster rule wave power?

Posted on 9 Mar 2010 in Journalism

There’s no shortage of designs to convert wave energy to electricity – now they’re proving their worth at sea. Read...

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Record-breaking solar cells are tailored to their location

Posted on 1 Jul 2009 in Journalism

Solar cells tuned to particular wavelengths make the most of the light at different places on Earth, boosting efficiency to record...

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Record-breaking algorithm really packs them in

Posted on 6 Mar 2009 in Journalism

Knowing how to fit a set of differently sized objects into the smallest space could make deliveries more efficient and cut their...

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Solar cells need to be more dull to power up

Posted on 11 Nov 2008 in Journalism

Solar cells may have a bright future, but to really increase their efficiency we should make them look dull.Read more…...

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