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Hackers give themselves away with malicious searches

Posted on 14 Jul 2010 in Journalism, Online, Technology

A new tool turns the tables on hackers by using the search queries they have conducted to find vulnerable websites. Read more…...

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Wireless revolution may reach inside microchips

Posted on 26 May 2010 in Journalism

As microchips shrink, the electronic signals in its closely packed wires interfere with each other. Why not beam the signals instead? Read...

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Touch floors could be next step in computer interfaces

Posted on 13 Apr 2010 in Journalism

A multi-toe touchscreen that can identify users from the tread of their shoes shows fingers aren’t the only way to control...

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Pointillist style could bring lifelike graphics to PCs

Posted on 7 Apr 2010 in Journalism

Conventional rendering of virtual worlds takes heavy-duty computing, but using a point-based system modest machines can create stunning...

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Babbage nanomachine promises low-energy computing

Posted on 25 Mar 2010 in Journalism

A nanoscale mechanical logic gate could be the foundation of more power-efficient computers. Read more…...

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