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The birds that are winning and losing thanks to climate change

Posted on 31 Mar 2016 in Conservation, Journalism, Life

They may be separated by an ocean, but birds in the US and Europe are responding to climate change in a surprisingly similar way: winners are outperforming losers to a comparable degree. Image: Andy Morffew

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Will snow become a thing of the past as the climate warms?

Posted on 27 Jan 2016 in Environment, Journalism

Given that the world is getting steadily warmer as a result of man-made climate change, snowmageddon events strike many people as pretty weird. Surely we should not be seeing so many extreme snowstorms if the world is getting warmer? Image: jmd41280

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Miniature sea snails found in acidic sea near volcanic seeps

Posted on 20 Apr 2015 in Environment, Journalism, Life

It’s the survival of the smallest. As ocean acidification begins to bite, some marine species might adapt by shrinking – threatening the profitability of commercial fisheries. Image: Jason Hall-Spencer

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Warmer world may wreak havoc with the Atlantic

Posted on 20 Feb 2014 in Earth Science, Environment, Journalism

A warming world could slow the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean, potentially triggering African droughts and more rapid sea level rise around Europe. If it happens, it won’t be the first time the Atlantic has been disrupted during a warm period. Image: NASA: 2Explore

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Ice-age animals live on in Eurasian mountain range

Posted on 22 Jan 2014 in Archaeology, Environment, Evolution, Featured, Journalism

It’s the land that time forgot. Not only have conditions in the Altai-Sayan region in central Asia barely changed since the last ice age, but the mix of mammals that lives there is also almost the same – with the obvious exception of mammoths and the woolly rhinoceros. Image: Pavel “KoraxDC” Kazachkov

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