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A 3D model of the ultimate ear

Posted on 16 Oct 2010 in Journalism, Technology

Refining the standard model of the human outer ear will help bring headphones, cellphones and other audio gadgets closer to perfection....

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Carbon nanotubes create underwater sonar speakers

Posted on 13 Jun 2010 in Journalism

Speakers made from sheets of nanotubes offer a lightweight alternative to conventional sonar. Read more…...

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Virtual ears help architects cut chatter confusion

Posted on 21 Mar 2010 in Journalism

A dummy conversation in a non-existent room can show architects if their design would allow people to hear each other over ambient...

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Latex could silence noisy neighbours

Posted on 22 Feb 2010 in Journalism

Thumping bass sounds are notoriously difficult to block, but they’re no match for soundproofing panels just 15 millimetres...

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Boring conversation? Let your computer listen for you

Posted on 12 Feb 2010 in Journalism

Smart new software tells you who’s said what, how they’ve said it and who really needs to shut up. Read more…...

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