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Gigantic volcano did not decimate humans

Posted on 14 Jul 2007 in Earth Science, Evolution, Human Origins, Journalism

In the face of global climate change 74,000 years ago, humans came up trumps. Evidence from India shows that the global cooling following a massive volcanic eruption at the time did not decimate human populations as originally thought. Some have proposed that human populations shrank during the “volcanic winter” following the Toba eruption, but new data suggests otherwise. Image: widakso

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China is sinner and saint of paper industry

Posted on 13 Jul 2007 in Environment, Journalism

New Scientist Image: g_kat26 ‘Could do better’ seems a harsh...

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Zooplankton move in time to the moon’s tune

Posted on 8 Jul 2007 in Animal Behaviour, Evolution, Journalism

How do ocean animals that live below the depth to which moonlight penetrates migrate in phase with the moon? Zooplankton travel up and down the water column despite remaining at or below 800 metres – moonlight penetrates no deeper than 150 metres. Image: lrargerich

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Rats influenced by the kindness of strangers

Posted on 6 Jul 2007 in Animal Behaviour, Evolution, Journalism, Life

If rats benefit from the kindness of strangers they are more likely to assist an unfamiliar rat in future. In doing so, they provide the first evidence of an unusual form of altruism that appears to violate evolutionary theory. Image: Capt’ Gorgeous

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