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Progress on toroid magnets

Posted on 24 Dec 2007 in Journalism

The magnets on either end of the ATLAS detector (called end–cap toroid...

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Humanoid robot finds learning child’s play

Posted on 20 Dec 2007 in Journalism

New software lets humans guide a robot through tasks in the same way parents...

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News from the pit

Posted on 11 Dec 2007 in Journalism

ATLAS, the world’s largest 3D jigsaw, is gearing up to receive its final two...

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News from the pit

Posted on 29 Nov 2007 in Journalism

It has been another busy month in the pit. The ATLAS magnet team took a significant step towards finishing work on the ATLAS detector as testing of the End Cap Toroid magnets began, but an incident during the testing process has likely only slightly damaged an end-cap calorimeter, according to an on-going investigation. Image: Marcelloni/CERN

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The GM potato war

Posted on 23 Nov 2007 in Environment, Journalism

Where genetic modification of crops is concerned, environmental groups are as vehemently opposed today as they were at the height of the GM food controversy of the 1990s. But is GM science now in a position to allay some of the fears of environmental groups? Image: Svadilfari

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Curvy mothers have brainier kids

Posted on 10 Nov 2007 in Journalism

Curvier women may have smart children because hip fat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids critical for the development of the fetus’s brain. Image: Jerome Ware

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