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Artificial DNA folds into parcels that can survive inside us

Posted on 17 Mar 2016 in Health, Journalism, Technology

Strands of artificial genetic material have been folded into 3D shapes of our own choosing for the first time. These parcels could be used to carry medicinal cargoes inside the body. Image: A.Taylor, F. Beuron, S-Y. Peak-Chew, E.P. Morris, P. Herdewijn, P. Holliger.

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Chatty cellular machines take synthetic biology to next level

Posted on 2 Sep 2015 in Journalism, Technology

Harder, better, faster, stronger. When cells cooperate, they achieve the otherwise impossible, something that could eventually lead to smart cancer therapies. Image: NIAID

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Pumping CO2 into frack wells could prevent water contamination

Posted on 18 Aug 2015 in Earth Science, Journalism, Technology

Sometimes two problems can cancel each other out. Carbon dioxide emissions from power plants could be put to good use, preventing fracking chemicals from contaminating drinking water supplies. Image: brims1285

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Solar eclipse and freak weather may mess up renewables

Posted on 19 Mar 2015 in Journalism, Technology

A solar eclipse can be alarming for animals and birds – and also for countries that rely on renewable energy, like Germany. Image: tj.blackwell

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Oceans swallowed 13 million tonnes of plastic in 2010

Posted on 12 Feb 2015 in Environment, Journalism, Technology

Vast floating islands of plastic are just a drop in the ocean compared with what’s lurking deeper down. Between 5 and 13 million tonnes of plastic debris entered the marine environment in 2010 – and most of it is under water. What’s more, without improvements in the way we manage waste, it could be 10 times as much each year by 2025. Image: AbyssWriter

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Mice are first pioneers of medical micromissiles

Posted on 16 Jan 2015 in Disease, Health, Journalism, Technology

It’s a small but significant step for microscopic machines. Tiny motors have journeyed through a living animal for the first time, delivering a test cargo of gold nanoparticles directly into the lining of a mouse’s stomach. Image: gIadius

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