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There is a huge ‘monolith’ on Phobos, one of Mars’s moons

Posted on 24 Sep 2016 in Journalism, Space

Many people are vexed by the Phobos monolith. It has inspired all manner of alien-based conspiracy theories and this fascinating discussion on Reddit. It even gave its name to an album released this year by Les Claypool and Sean Lennon Ono. So what is it? Image: Mars Global Surveyor/Nasa

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Dinosaur-killing asteroid may have been a binary terror

Posted on 1 Feb 2013 in Dinosaurs, Earth Science, Featured, Journalism, Space

Asteroids 2, dinosaurs 0. The infamous space rock that slammed into the Gulf of Mexico and helped wipe it clean of large dinosaurs may have been a binary – two asteroids orbiting each other. The surprise conclusion comes from a re-evaluation of the proportion of asteroid craters on Earth that were formed from binary impacts. Image: Calsidyrose

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Buddhist statue acquired by Nazis is meteorite fragment

Posted on 27 Sep 2012 in Archaeology, Earth Science, Featured, Physics, Space

One religious statue has a stronger connection than most to the heavens. An 11th-century carving from Mongolia of the Buddhist god Vaisravana was fashioned from a meteorite fragment, a chemical analysis shows. Its extraterrestrial origins make it unique in both religious art and meteorite science. Image: Elmar Buchner

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Magnetic fields may stop young stars self-destructing

Posted on 31 Oct 2007 in Journalism, Physics, Space

Unlike human infants, newborn stars seem to have a way to stop themselves getting too hyper for their own good. When stars form from a spinning disc of gas and dust, they should spin ever faster as gravity pulls this matter in towards the centre – just as pirouetting ice skaters spin faster as they retract their arms – and so throw material back out. Yet for some reason this doesn’t happen. Image: WilzDezign

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Tether mishap ‘slingshots’ capsule into space

Posted on 27 Sep 2007 in Space, Technology

New Scientist Image: bark A small space capsule has been lost in Earth orbit after a space tether experiment went awry on Tuesday. The...

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Hubble space telescope maps minerals on the moon

Posted on 21 Jul 2007 in Earth Science, Journalism, Space

Geologists have used the Hubble Space Telescope to study minerals on the moon. It might be one small step for them, but it’s a giant leap towards building a lunar outpost. Image: jurvetson

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