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Men talk just as freely as women

Posted on 14 Jul 2007 in Evolution, Journalism

Silence is golden, but it is not the preserve of men. It seems that verbosity may be governed by personality type, not gender. Far from being tight-lipped, males managed an average of around 16,000 words a day – the same number as female students. Image: slightly everything

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Snake DNA turns up inside wild gerbils

Posted on 14 Jul 2007 in Evolution, Journalism, Life

You might expect a gerbil to end up inside a snake. But part of a snake ending up in a gerbil? A small chunk of snake DNA has indeed turned up in wild gerbils, and it could one day show up in a host of other species too. Image: born1945

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Gigantic volcano did not decimate humans

Posted on 14 Jul 2007 in Earth Science, Evolution, Human Origins, Journalism

In the face of global climate change 74,000 years ago, humans came up trumps. Evidence from India shows that the global cooling following a massive volcanic eruption at the time did not decimate human populations as originally thought. Some have proposed that human populations shrank during the “volcanic winter” following the Toba eruption, but new data suggests otherwise. Image: widakso

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Don’t wear your iPod in a thunderstorm

Posted on 14 Jul 2007 in Technology

New Scientist Image: bscoder Gadget enthusiasts might want to check the weather forecast before venturing outside listening to their...

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China is sinner and saint of paper industry

Posted on 13 Jul 2007 in Environment, Journalism

New Scientist Image: g_kat26 ‘Could do better’ seems a harsh verdict on a country that has single-handedly revitalised the...

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Jellyfish mucus perfect for cosmetics

Posted on 10 Jul 2007 in Health, Journalism, Technology

New Scientist Image: Sam Howzit The mucus produced by jellyfish is rich in a compound that is vital to some cosmetics and drugs. The...

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