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Stem cells recruited to help cancers grow

Posted on 5 Oct 2007 in Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

Scientists have discovered a dark side to stem cells. The restorative properties that could make adult stem cells so useful in tissue repair may also help cancers to spread and grow. Image: TheJCB

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New search tool gets the picture

Posted on 5 Oct 2007 in Journalism, Online, Technology

UK researchers have developed an image search engine that looks at the content of images to produce results. Instead of guessing based on words that appear on the same web page as current search engines do, it learns to recognise things in images from sets tagged by humans. Image: Auntie P

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Reprogrammed immune system fights cancer

Posted on 3 Oct 2007 in Cancer, Health, Journalism

Could the immune system be reprogrammed to fight cancer? It seems that macrophages – immune cells roped in by tumours to help them grow – can be turned into cancer killers. Image: Carl Zeiss Microscopy

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Gold rings create first true invisibility cloak

Posted on 2 Oct 2007 in Journalism, Technology

The world’s first true invisibility cloak – a device able to hide an object in the visible spectrum – has been created by physicists in the US. But don’t expect it to compete with stage magic tricks. So far it only works in two dimensions and on a tiny scale. Image: DraconianRain

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Tether mishap ‘slingshots’ capsule into space

Posted on 27 Sep 2007 in Space, Technology

New Scientist Image: bark A small space capsule has been lost in Earth orbit after a space tether experiment went awry on Tuesday. The...

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Teenage behaviour: It’s not teenagers’ fault, it’s in their brains

Posted on 25 Sep 2007 in Health, Neuroscience

The Telegraph Image: Lavender Dreamer ‘Why do we do this?” asks Jim Stark in Rebel Without a Cause, seconds before a deadly...

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