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Stem cells offer clue to bipolar disorder treatment

Posted on 25 Mar 2014 in Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

What a nerve! Skin cells taken from people with bipolar disorder have been turned into brain cells. These in turn are offering up clues about the changes in the brain that drive the disorder, and may also provide a way to test new treatments. Image: CodonAUG

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Blind mice see the light after simple drug therapy

Posted on 19 Feb 2014 in Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

If it’s beyond repair, you find something else to do its job. This could soon apply to rods and cones, the light-sensitive cells in our eyes that can wither with age, causing blindness. A drug has been found that coaxes neighbours of ailing cells to do their work for them. Image: dullhunk

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Obese women’s stem cells make cancer grow faster

Posted on 6 Nov 2013 in Cancer, Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

Here is yet another reason to stay at a healthy weight. Stem cells from the fat of women with obesity boost the growth of breast tumours more than cells from slim women. Image: UCI UC Irvine

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Neural stem cells pulled from rat’s brain using magnet

Posted on 2 Oct 2013 in Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

It’s like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Researchers have reached inside the brain of a rat and pulled out neural stem cells – without harming the animal. Image: CodonAUG

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New type of stem cell helps your fingers regenerate

Posted on 12 Jun 2013 in Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

Shave off the very tip of your finger or toe and it should grow back. Now we know how. Mayumi Ito at New York University and her colleagues have identified a previously unknown population of stem cells at the base of each mammalian toenail. Image: Stefano Mortellaro

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Stem cells recruited to help cancers grow

Posted on 5 Oct 2007 in Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

Scientists have discovered a dark side to stem cells. The restorative properties that could make adult stem cells so useful in tissue repair may also help cancers to spread and grow. Image: TheJCB

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