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Gene editing could destroy herpes viruses living inside you

Posted on 30 Jun 2016 in Disease, Health, Journalism

Almost all of us carry one form or another of herpes virus, and the consequences can be far worse than the occasional cold sore. Herpes viruses also cause shingles and can be implicated in blindness, birth defects and even cancer – gene editing might offer a route towards a cure. Image: euthman

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We know the city where the HIV pandemic emerged

Posted on 19 Nov 2015 in Disease, Health, Journalism

Today we know much more how and why HIV – the virus that leads to AIDS – has become a global pandemic. Image: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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Mice are first pioneers of medical micromissiles

Posted on 16 Jan 2015 in Disease, Health, Journalism, Technology

It’s a small but significant step for microscopic machines. Tiny motors have journeyed through a living animal for the first time, delivering a test cargo of gold nanoparticles directly into the lining of a mouse’s stomach. Image: gIadius

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Appendix Evolved More Than 30 Times

Posted on 14 Feb 2013 in Disease, Evolution, Featured, Journalism

There are 32 new reasons to rethink the appendix. The anatomical structure has long been considered to serve no useful purpose, being little more than a remnant of a structure that our leaf-eating ancestors needed but that predominantly fruit-eating modern apes do not. But a new study suggests the appendix has evolved on at least 32 separate occasions among mammals. Image: greenzowie

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Black Death casts a genetic shadow over England

Posted on 1 Aug 2007 in Archaeology, Disease, Genetics, Journalism, Life

The Black Death continues to cast a shadow across England. Although the modern English population is more cosmopolitan than ever, the plagues known as the Black Death killed so many people in the Middle Ages that, to this day, genetic diversity is lower in England than it was in the 11th century. Image: swanksalot

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Blocking insulin may curb Alzheimer’s

Posted on 28 Jul 2007 in Alzheimer's, Disease, Health, Journalism

New Scientist Image: jepoirrier Too much insulin may be bad for our health, turning the received wisdom about diabetes and...

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