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Some of the earliest plants took root by growing up, not down

Posted on 8 Aug 2016 in Earth Science, Environment, Evolution, Journalism

It was one of the first examples of geoengineering: when plants began to colonise the land they stabilised sediments, generated soils and greened the planet. Now we have a window on the process, thanks to a spectacular rock formation in South China. Image: Jinzhuang Xue

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Hear the first audio recordings from the sea’s deepest point

Posted on 4 Mar 2016 in Earth Science, Journalism, Life

When film director James Cameron visited the deepest known point on Earth in 2012, he did not see a great deal. But if he had taken some underwater microphones with him he might have heard a lot. Image: rizuan.j

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First life may have been forged in icy seas on a freezing Earth

Posted on 26 Feb 2016 in Earth Science, Journalism, Life

Did life begin in the freezer? Early Earth may not have been as hot and hellish as we thought. In fact, it may have become a snowball around the time life first emerged. Image: Maarten de Wit

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Life may have begun 300 million years earlier than we thought

Posted on 19 Oct 2015 in Earth Science, Journalism, Life

Did life have hellish origins? Carbon with an organic-like signature has been discovered sealed within a crystal that formed during an interval of Earth’s history named after Hades, the underworld of Greek mythology. The find predates other evidence of life by 300 million years. Image: Image Editor

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When global warming made our world super-hot

Posted on 16 Sep 2015 in Earth Science, Environment, Journalism, Life

In the late 1980s, as the world’s governments were waking up to the problem of climate change, the mud at the bottom of the ocean near Antarctica revealed a surprise. Earth had lived through rapid global warming before. Image: tauntingpanda

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Hidden oasis of oxygen suggests life took first breath in lakes

Posted on 2 Sep 2015 in Earth Science, Evolution, Featured, Journalism

Where did life take its first, oxygen-rich breath? An important clue has been discovered at the bottom of an Antarctic lake, in an environment that gives us a sense of the conditions on Earth billions of years ago. Image: eliduke

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