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Heated debate over who planted first sunflower

Posted on 28 Apr 2008 in Archaeology, Journalism

Could raking over the ashes of past civilisations help tackle the current food crisis? David Lentz at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, thinks so. Genetic information from wild strains of domestic crops could help to improve crop yield, he says, making it important to identify the point of domestication. Image: KuniakiIGARASHI

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Pots from ancient shipwreck yield their DNA secrets

Posted on 30 Oct 2007 in Archaeology, Journalism

Scraping the barrel can be a surprisingly productive exercise. By doing just that, marine archaeologists have pinned down exactly which commodities were traded by early European civilisations. Image:

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Black Death casts a genetic shadow over England

Posted on 1 Aug 2007 in Archaeology, Disease, Genetics, Journalism, Life

The Black Death continues to cast a shadow across England. Although the modern English population is more cosmopolitan than ever, the plagues known as the Black Death killed so many people in the Middle Ages that, to this day, genetic diversity is lower in England than it was in the 11th century. Image: swanksalot

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