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Monkey stone tools in Brazil pre-date discovery of Americas

Posted on 11 Jul 2016 in Animal Behaviour, Archaeology, Journalism

They are literally a tough nut to crack. To enjoy tasty cashews you first have to figure out a way to remove the shells, which contain a caustic chemical. The bearded capuchin monkeys of Brazil may have been up to the task for centuries – and watching them work could even have taught us how to eat cashew nuts safely. Image: Dick Knight

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Elderly monkeys choose to have fewer friends – just like us

Posted on 23 Jun 2016 in Animal Behaviour, Featured, Health, Journalism, Life

Do you see as many friends now as you did 10 years ago? Your shrinking social circle isn’t just a human trait – it seems that, as they get older, monkeys become more selective about who they spend time with too. Image: David Holt London

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Orcas are first non-humans whose evolution is driven by culture

Posted on 31 May 2016 in Animal Behaviour, Evolution, Journalism

You could call it a culture shock. Many researchers accept that cultural experiences have helped shape human evolution – and evidence has now emerged that the same may be true of killer whales. Image: Shawn McCready

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Jungle tales: the real King Louie was the biggest ape of all

Posted on 19 May 2016 in Animal Behaviour, Journalism

Hollywood loves a gigantic ape. It gave the world King Kong and in Disney’s remake of The Jungle Book, it has given King Louie an upgrade. A big one. Formerly an average-sized orangutan, his lumbering body now fills an abandoned temple deep in the Indian jungle. Image: Gerg1967

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Rare Australian bird farms nourishing manna from trees

Posted on 3 Mar 2016 in Animal Behaviour, Journalism

An endangered Tasmanian songbird doesn’t have to wait for manna from heaven: it goes out and gathers its own. Image: fveronesi1

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Do toddlers learn like chimps?

Posted on 25 Feb 2016 in Animal Behaviour, Evolution, Journalism

Humans rely so much on a culturally accumulated body of knowledge. So have we lost the ability that other apes have to invent our own solutions to basic problems? Image: Tambako the Jaguar

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