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Gold rings create first true invisibility cloak

Posted on 2 Oct 2007 in Journalism, Technology

The world’s first true invisibility cloak – a device able to hide an object in the visible spectrum – has been created by physicists in the US. But don’t expect it to compete with stage magic tricks. So far it only works in two dimensions and on a tiny scale. Image: DraconianRain

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Tether mishap ‘slingshots’ capsule into space

Posted on 27 Sep 2007 in Space, Technology

New Scientist Image: bark A small space capsule has been lost in Earth orbit after a space tether experiment went awry on Tuesday. The...

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Teenage behaviour: It’s not teenagers’ fault, it’s in their brains

Posted on 25 Sep 2007 in Health, Neuroscience

The Telegraph Image: Lavender Dreamer ‘Why do we do this?” asks Jim Stark in Rebel Without a Cause, seconds before a deadly...

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File sharers forced to play fair

Posted on 31 Aug 2007 in Journalism, Online, Technology

BBC Online Image: justinbaeder Researchers have found a way to enforce good manners on file-sharing networks by treating bandwidth as a...

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Manhunt 2 set for US release

Posted on 28 Aug 2007 in Games, Technology

BBC Online Image: Jorge glеz Manhunt 2, a computer game banned in the UK for its extreme violence, is to be released in modified form in...

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