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Black Death casts a genetic shadow over England

Posted on 1 Aug 2007 in Archaeology, Disease, Genetics, Journalism, Life

The Black Death continues to cast a shadow across England. Although the modern English population is more cosmopolitan than ever, the plagues known as the Black Death killed so many people in the Middle Ages that, to this day, genetic diversity is lower in England than it was in the 11th century. Image: swanksalot

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Stem cells may mend a broken heart

Posted on 29 Jul 2007 in Health, Journalism, Stem Cells

New Scientist Image: jkavo Stem cells may help repair damaged tissue after a heart attack, according to a team of American researchers....

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Blocking insulin may curb Alzheimer’s

Posted on 28 Jul 2007 in Alzheimer's, Disease, Health, Journalism

New Scientist Image: jepoirrier Too much insulin may be bad for our health, turning the received wisdom about diabetes and...

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Earth’s crust stretches just like pizza dough

Posted on 28 Jul 2007 in Earth Science, Journalism

You know how if you stretch pizza dough sometimes it will break right away and sometimes it will stretch and stretch? That, it turns out, is how the Gulf of California was formed. Image: VancityAllie

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Extra genes help mice keep youthful looks

Posted on 21 Jul 2007 in Cancer, Genetics, Health, Journalism

New Scientist Image: Ruud Hein IT’S not quite the elixir of life, but researchers may have found a way of keeping us younger for...

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