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It’s not just human toddlers that are fussy eaters

It’s not just human toddlers that are fussy eaters

BBC Earth

Image: Muffet

Toddlers can be the harshest of food critics. No matter how much care and attention a parent has put into cooking a meal, a two-year-old may still turn up their nose and refuse to eat. Many are particularly likely to reject new and unfamiliar foods, with vegetables often top of the list.

Frustrating though this is for parents, they can draw some comfort from the fact that toddlers are not the only fussy eaters in the world. Many young animals are cautious about trying new foods.

It seems bizarre at first. Food is often short, so why would a toddler or young animal refuse to eat when it is available? A full explanation is still some way away, but biologists have developed several ideas that can help to explain why. Read more on the BBC Earth website…