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Controversial cave discoveries suggest humans reached Americas much earlier than thought

Posted on 22 Jul 2020 in Archaeology, Featured, Journalism

Archaeologists excavating a cave in the mountains of central Mexico have unearthed evidence that people occupied the area more than 30,000 years ago — suggesting that humans arrived in North America at least 15,000 years earlier than thought. Image: Devlin A. Gandy

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‘Invasion’ of ancient Egypt may have actually been immigrant uprising

Posted on 15 Jul 2020 in Archaeology, Featured, Journalism

Ancient Egypt’s first “foreign” takeover may actually have been an inside job. About 3600 years ago, the pharaohs briefly lost control of northern Egypt to the Hyksos, rulers who looked and behaved like people from southwest Asia. But the Hyksos were Egyptian-born members of an immigrant community. Image: A.D. Riddle Photograph

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