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3300-year-old baboon skull may tell of mysterious ancient kingdom

Posted on 15 Dec 2020 in Archaeology, Featured, Journalism

Ancient Egyptian legends tell of a magical faraway land where intrepid travelers could obtain wondrous products including gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Now researchers they may have their hands on the first known Puntite treasure: a 3300-year-old baboon skull that may have come from the fabled land. Image: The Trustees of the British Museum

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Ancient humans may have hibernated to survive brutal glacial winters

Posted on 9 Dec 2020 in Archaeology, Featured, Journalism

Some of the ancient humans living in Europe half a million years ago had a remarkable strategy for dealing with winter: they hibernated. At least, that is the claim being made by two researchers. Others dispute the evidence – but ongoing research suggests that it might be possible to induce a hibernation-like state in modern humans. Image: quinet

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