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Monty Python’s Silly Walk is exactly 6.7 times more silly than normal

Posted on 10 Mar 2020 in Journalism, Life

Monty Python’s Minister of Silly Walks has been making audiences laugh for 50 years, and now we have a sense of just how silly his walking style is. An analysis shows that John Cleese’s iconic walk is about 6.7 times more variable – sillier – than standard human walking. Image: [email protected]

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Some dinosaurs might have had fluorescent horns or feathers

Posted on 5 Mar 2020 in Dinosaurs, Earth Science, Journalism

As well as being brightly coloured in normal light, some dinosaurs may have had ultraviolet, fluorescing horns, frills or feathers – and a few species might even have used this glow to attract a mate. Image: Brian Engh/

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