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Mystery of why humans walk upright may be explained by surprise fossil

Posted on 20 Sep 2019 in Featured, Human Origins, Journalism

We might have misunderstood one of the greatest mysteries of human evolution. For decades, its been unclear why we began walking on two legs instead of moving on all fours as it is assumed our great ape ancestors did. But new evidence suggests the first great apes may have moved on two legs a little like we do. Image: Vector Open Stock

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Whales evolved large brains in the same way that we did

Posted on 18 Sep 2019 in Evolution, Journalism

The largest brains ever to have evolved belong to whales. Now we have discovered that the marine mammals gained their big brains size in the same way we did – through massive expansion of two particular brain regions, fuelled perhaps through changes in diet. Image: Guarda La`

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